Empowering you, body mind and soul

I've been working with bodies for over 15 years. I trained and performed as a professional dancer and have been teaching yoga for 5 years. I can truly say I have been blessed with my careers so it makes it very easy for me to say “I love my job”!

I started practising yoga in 2002 to help support my dance career, helping me to gain strength and flexibility as well as preventing injuries. In the beginning, I gave more importance to the physical aspects of yoga, but as the years passed, I began to understand the importance yoga has not only on the body but also on the mind and soul. Beyond the Asana practice is space to find self-empowerment, belief in oneself and a chance to help cultivate stillness and breath. 

I completed my first teacher training in 2014 and I have now over 500 hours of different training disciplines. Every training I have completed has been a great transformational journey of self-discovery and love. I have learnt more about myself as a person, how to treat my body and mind, and most importantly how to hold a space in which students can feel supported as well as challenged. 

From all these trainings I can offer classes that allow students to feel the power of self-belief. My classes are uplifting and positive. My sequences are carefully crafted and will nourish both the body and mind. I teach with a can-do attitude and a big smile as I think teaching yoga is a beautiful gift.


Teacher Trainings

200 hours Fierce Grace Teacher Training, Fierce Grace, 

London - March 2014

100 hours Yin and Chakras Teacher Training, The Yoga People,

London - November 2016

20 hours Mandala Methodology, The Yoga People,

London - March 2017

100 hours Pre & Post natal with Baby Massage, Apple Yoga

London - June 2017

100 hours Mandala & Shamanism, The Yoga People 

Goa - March 2019


Going a little deeper 

For the last 5 years I have found myself being more and more drawn to other methods of mindfulness. 

My love for all things crystals, tarot & oracle cards, essential oils and cacao has given me more tools to explore how to feel empowered. 

Watching the moon, understanding its energy and having the freedom to be bold enough to manifest with conviction, has really given me the opportunity to make decisive exciting decisions in my life.

I bring these gifts from Mama Earth into my everyday classes for you, whether that’s in a special essential oil savasana room spray or oil that I have blended myself, or pulling oracle cards at the end of a yin session.

When I hold workshops or retreats I vie to deepen everyone’s experience, perhaps by holding a focused manifesting session or working with crystals. These will not only make you feel strong and uplifted but you will also realise how much power you have within to change your life.

All of my knowledge comes from experimenting and exploring myself and with other mystics. The process is fun. Ceremonies and rituals can sometimes seem daunting but I promise to make them relevant and powerful. Everything that I offer comes from my heart and my joyful experiences that I long to share.